Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This new article in the River Front Times blog makes a great connection between the FRESH BREAD project, and my new collaboration with Eric Woods, Carolos Dominguez, and Ana Rivera - Cherokee Street: a Collaboratory for Edible Ideas.

This Friday, I'll be printing tortillas on Cherokee Street! I will also be giving a presentation on the FRESH BREAD project Friday evening in the Casa Loma Ballroom on Cherokee Street. Come one, come all! The first 200 people to buy the Printmakers' Special taco meal will get a free zine with the interviews of the project!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You can have your print and eat it too!

It's only 17 days away! The Printmaker's Special, a completely printed (and edible!) taco meal, inspired by the people of Cherokee Street and their stories, will be made and served fresh in front of Latino Americana on Friday March 18th from 5-10pm. The first 250 people to buy the Printmaker's Special will get a free, limited edition zine!

Check out our rockin' poster by Eric Woods of Firecracker Press!

Monday, January 31, 2011

One hundred and twenty-one bowls of soup later....

Cherokee Street: A Collaboratory for Edible Ideas is the winner of SLOUP #12!!!!
See the announcement here!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SLOUP #12 - Grant Proposal

FRESH BREAD has a new cousin - edible prints on tortillas! Come support this project by voting for it at the SLOUP #12 grant proposal dinner at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis on Sunday, January 30, 2011 from 6-8 pm. It's easy, you pay $10 towards the grant, VOTE FOR IT, and in exchange, you get a delicious meal of soup and bread provided by Local Harvest! All the money goes to the winning grant proposal!!! (see proposal below)

proposal: Cherokee Street: A Collaboratory for Edible Ideas
Eric Woods (Firecracker Press, Owner/Printmaker) and Kim Wardenburg (Artist/Printmaker)
            The establishment of community is almost always thought of in positive terms, but the borders and common characteristics that define a community can also create divisions within or around it. Kim Wardenburg took this as the underlying theme when she began a series of edible prints on flatbread, in contemplation of the significance of covenant and community in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While FRESH BREAD was very successful in stirring conversation, it is hard to gage any immediate or lasting impact, due to the geographical distance of the issue in comparison to the involved community. Thus, currently, Eric Woods and Wardenburg are now reconsidering the themes in FRESH BREAD and the possibilities of stimulating conversation and positive community relationships in a localized context: the Cherokee Street neighborhood of St. Louis.
            Cherokee St. boasts a socially and culturally diverse community of individuals who have invested their lives and families into the growth and future of the neighborhood. In an effort to facilitate cross-community converg­ence on Cherokee, project coordinators Eric Woods and Kim Wardenburg are collaborating with Carlos Dominguez of Latino Americana Restaurant, as well as Ana Rivera of El Chico Bakery and other participants from the neighborhood, to serve up the "Printmakers' Special"—a taco meal complete with edible, printed tortillas inspired by the people of Cherokee Street!
·       Inspiration: Interviews and conversations held prior to the conference with local business owners and residents.
·       Focus: The importance of developing community and the impact of family-run businesses on the progress of the neighborhood.
·       Materials: Interviews will be translated into imagery and printed on corn tortillas with edible ink. Additionally, plates, napkins, and the tissue wrapping each taco will be printed, making an edible, printed (and delicious) meal.
·       Date: Friday, March 18th, 2011, concurrent with the SGCI Printmaking Conference.
·       Intent: This project is an opportunity for the local community to voice their impressions of the neighborhood and introduce Cherokee Street to the 1500+ visitors who will be there for the conference.
·       SLOUP’s involvement will extend the aspect of community involvement in the project even further, beyond Cherokee to the rest of St. Louis. If this project receives SLOUP funding, the money will pay for:
o      the cost of ingredients for the edible ink and the corn tortillas
o      silk screens, emulsion, squeegees, and other materials for printing
o      food-safe letterpress ink for napkins, cups, and tissue paper.

Should you need more creative inspiration after tonight, look up the work of Sister Mary Corita—printmaking nun extraordinaire and instigator of social change via serigraphy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Installation Shots

Here are some photographs of the installation taken by the thoughtful and amazing Brea McAnally during the Negotiate/Collaborate opening...

printmaking-based installation at the Luminary Center for the Arts
Installation Space

"I Did Recognize A Couple of People Who on Television Who Lost Their Homes..."
Windows, etching, polymer plate lithography, sound, cinder blocks, collagraph

September 24-28, 1998 (Benjamin, Madeleine, Yasser, & George)
silkscreen, paper

Fresh Bread: take, break, & eat
(an edible collaboration)
artist book: digital prints on Japanese paper, hand bound, 10" x 10"

The Fresh Bread team

Fresh Bread: take, break, & eat
Bread, edible ink, silkscreen, covenants, bread breakers & eaters...

Dear friends all the way from South Korea... and they even managed to submit a covenant to eat on bread!

This Land Is Your Land/This Land Is My Land
artist book: reduction woodcut, relief, letterpress, silkscreen, edition of 5
8" x 13" x 2"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

negotiate/collaborate bread prints

Thank you to everyone who came out to Negotiate/Collaborate on Saturday! We had a steady flow of bread breakers and eaters all day.

First, let me say, the Installation Space (IS) at the Luminary is such a fantastic space for this project, especially FRESH BREAD. It is fully equipped with an altar on which to print bread covenants... I couldn't have been happier.

I have more pictures to post of the installation, but they aren't quite ready yet. Until then, I will hold you over with these savory shots (not quite yet color corrected... but who is that patient?):

Adapt: one of my favorite covenants...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Open Studios Preview Party BBQ

This Tuesday, July 20, 6-8pm there will be a BBQ at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis for the opening of the Open Studios Preview Show. My piece, Covenant #16 & Covenant #30 (UN Resolution 242), from the Fresh Bread series, will be exhibited at the Contemporary July 21-25 (free admission!)

Come check out the work and enjoy free Pi pizza coming fresh out of the pizza truck oven - YUUUUUM - and ice-cold Shlafly beer.

Click here to see the other events that will be happening all week, including a closing party on Sunday July 25, with Pappy's BBQ and Ted Drewes... so much St. Louis goodness packed into one week!

I leave you with this to look forward to....